Lapland winters are long, the first snowfall fell in mid October and the snow is far from gone even in April. I have desperately been waiting for spring; it is such a beautiful season in the UK with daffodils popping up in the fields and the sun slightly warming your skin. I craved it. I have been very in tune with the weather in Lapland and there is a change in the air, but I wouldn’t call it spring. I would describe it as slush season. Even though the slush makes cycling and walking anywhere so much harder than before, I welcome it. I really am craving change. The winter was beginning to feel stagnant.

I decided I would photograph the process of the snow melting and I began to see beauty in it. I have asked my Finnish classmates what their favorite season was and I was surprised that a lot had answered spring. I asked this question back in November so I was really looking forward to spring, but as I ticked March off on my calendar and welcomed in April I was not satisfied with the Lappish spring. However I have began to see its uniqueness to other places during these months and I can start to appreciate the beauty in it. The daylight lasts so much longer now with the sun rising at 6am and setting at 8:30pm. The sun actually warms the skin and I have noticed I no longer need to wear base layers and my down coat. I have been informed that the snow will not completely melt until late May. I’m sure I’ll miss the snow when I’m home in rainy England.