Since my home has been in Finland for the past seven months it was inevitable that my new environment would seep into my artwork. My imagery tends to focus on my personal relationship with my surroundings so it was only a matter of time before I began to respond to my life in Rovaniemi through my art.

For my class Indefoto I have decided to try an alternate photography process called Cyanotype. I briefly touched on this process once in my home University but I wanted to learn about it in a lot more detail at the University of Lapland. There is a great teacher at the Uni called Tom who knows everything to do with alternate photography processes. I have been meeting up with him to improve my cyanotype prints and learning more about the science and technique behind it. I chose to create cyanotypes from the images I created in my Ephemeral photobook from last semester, which comments on the temporary state of ice and snow in the Finnish landscape. I thought the deep blue of the cyanotype print reflected the colour of the environment and helped further the narrative.

As well as documenting the weather and nature of Finland, in my other class, Art Practice in Context, I have been exploring my feelings towards my new home, portraying them through different photography techniques and using ice and nature as a primary material. Making art while living in an arctic environment has influenced me to engage with my temporary home in an intimate and thoughtful way. The art I have made this year I would never have created if I still lived in England; from moving away I have learnt more about my photographic practice and myself. I am thoroughly enjoying the work I am producing.