After three weeks back in England for Christmas it would be safe to say that I was already used to the easy life of living back home. I loved the free food, the lack of responsibility, and the above-freezing temperatures. It was just a relaxing time. Although in the beginning I found it challenging living in a very busy, messy household again as I was used to living with just one person in a very quiet flat. I was hesitant with moving back to Lapland, I missed the snow, but I felt that three weeks just was not long enough. I wanted to spend more time with Lewis and my friends. The three weeks were filled with plans; trying to cram everything in before I flew back.

Returning back to Lapland was easy. It was like I never left. It felt strange because it felt so normal. A lot of snow had fallen while I was gone, I couldn’t believe quite how much. Apparently this is the most snowfall Rovaniemi had seen in 30 years. Climate change? I also found out that it costs the city a whole lot of euros to transfer the snow to other areas.

My Lapland routine fell back in place without me realising. I was wearing all my layers again to walk to the shops to stock up on vegetables for the dinners we would have to make during the week. I was organising my timetable for the new modules I would be taking this semester. I was booking the washing machines and dryer etc. Everything just fell back into this routine we had made in the previous months. It was kind of frustrating; like a same-old-same-old kind of feeling. I didn’t want to feel ungrateful as I am living in one of the most beautiful places and it is basically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I just couldn’t shake the feeling of ‘five months is a long time’.

I do believe this feeling will go away when I start back at the University and begin to make new friends. Another thing I noticed when I woke up on my first morning back in Lapland was how light it was compared to December, there was actual blue skies and could see the sun! Yesterday the sun rose at 10:37am and set at 2:11pm. So already a big difference from just before I left in December. Here are some images of my first proper day back in Lapland. So much snow! I had missed these views.