My first impressions of the University were that it was really well facilitated for the art and design faculty. There were lots of workspaces for painting, mac suits, and art libraries. I was so happy with all the materials and spaces that we had access to for free! Back in Coventry we have to pay for materials and printing so I was very excited to begin getting the most out of my time here, allowing myself to experiment with materials I wouldn’t particularly use, as money was no longer a barrier.

The modules I have chosen for first semester are Fine Art Excursion where I went on a trip and will be making a photobook of the experience. I’ve taken Art Practice in Context, which is predominantly a Finnish class, however as I am studying for a year I was allowed to take this module. It involves a year long project on a chosen subject and form, I decided that I would still like to keep up with photography projects in preparation for my final year project when I return to England. I am also taking a module called Introduction to Arctic Cultures, I was interested into learning more about life in the Arctic and the traditions it holds, I will have to produce a presentation and corresponding essay for this which again I thought was good practice for when I begin to start my dissertation. As well as trying to prepare myself for third year in England, I wanted to take this year abroad to try other things. I chose to study Adaptation Charting where I can chart my experiences of living here in Lapland, through art. I found this module so different and refreshing and it was really interesting to have discussions about how everyone was dealing with the changes here and if they preferred it or not. My final module was Independent Photography Seminar which was lead by the photography tutor here, it is interesting to hear another person’s perspective on teaching photography and I believe it can only widen my skill set.

I’m glad I can say I study at the University of Lapland and I am excited for what work I will produce throughout the semester, although it is very far away from my accommodation I now have invested in a second hand bike which I love riding!