I haven’t written much about the people I have met while on Erasmus, but I did make some close friends in my time here. My closest friends would be Eilidh and Louisa (who I went to Norway with). They were the hardest goodbyes. We did a lot together and it was so interesting to hear about their lives back home (in Germany and Scotland). We have planned to meet up in the future so hopefully a trip to the Alps in Germany is on the cards! Lapland won’t be the same without them next semester.

I also became friends with a lot of other Erasmus students and we often made good out of a bad situation. The bad situation being the Kuntotie flats were cramped for social occasions however a host would always cleverly come up with a system to accommodate for all guests, as well as providing food. We had an ‘international dinner’ hosted by Eilidh to celebrate St. Andrews (a Scottish holiday). She made haggis and other traditional Scottish foods and everyone who came had to bring food from their home country. Myself, Lucy and Charlotte made bangers and mash (of course) and sticky toffee pudding. Apologies if these aren’t traditional English meals. It was a great night and it was just something I would never usually take part in if it weren’t for Erasmus bringing cultures together. There were other fun plans made towards the end of semester one as most students were going home for good at Christmas. Meaning myself, Lucy and Charlotte would need to make new friends all over again in January.

I’m grateful for the people I have met and stories I heard and I believe it won’t be goodbye forever to some of the people I met here.