For the first social event of the year we were invited to a 'Grill and Chill' evening. Grilling is a big part of Finnish culture and many people who live here hike in the forests and grill sausages and corn. There seem to be many fire pits dotted around the area, which are free to use for anyone.

All of the Kuntotie residents hiked up a small forest to Ounasvaara, a place that had two of these grill areas and a watchtower, which is primarily used for northern light watching (you can also see Rovaniemi town from the top too)! The hike was a useful way for myself, Lucy and Charlotte to familiarise ourselves with the path and area for when we would want to return for more exploring and northern light hunting!

The event itself was a helpful way to meet some new people and begin to make friends. I was especially looking forward to making friends with people from many different places; I had a lot of interesting conversations with other students about their culture and life back home. We drank and grilled foods; even in the rain it was a great experience. 

I am going on a Fine Art excursion from the 28th of August until the 1st of September  to a place called Raattama which is a lot further up North. In my next post I will share all the things I got up to as well as becoming more comfortable in Finland!