To wrap up the last semester I had an exhibition for my modules Adaptation Charting and Independent Photography Seminar and a critique for the photobooks we created from the Raattama excursion back in August. I had a lot of fun creating work for all of these modules, I took myself out of my comfort zone and created a watercolour book for Adaptation Charting, where I painted a page a day in an abstract manner to express my feelings depending on how the weather/university/food/social aspects of the day had affected me.

For Independent Photography Seminar I created a photobook called Ephemeral, containing images I had taken of ice and snow, looking at the intricate details of these materials that would eventually disappear. I was very proud of my images and would have never got the chance to create something like that back in England. I have made future plans to work with the images more.

The book I created for Fine Art Excursion called Keep Your Ear to the Ground looked into the natural landscape and earth of Raattama. We had a group discussion and critique of everyone’s photobooks from the excursion. It was amazing to see how everyone had interpreted the trip, although we were all in the same place all week everyone’s books were different and we were all surprised and fascinated with the images people had taken. The conversations were thought provoking and helpful.

The exhibition was a stressful thing to plan and curate as a class, as it was spontaneous, which did not leave much time for organisation. Regardless, it came together in the end and it was great to see all the work produced through the semester and actually seeing it printed on the wall. It was a long day critiquing all the work and conversations revolving around adapting to life in Lapland and how it influenced our artwork for both Adaptation Charting and Independent photography Seminar.