My room at Kuntotie isn’t the most pleasant space I’ve lived in, I had a strong urge to decorate to help me settle in. One thing that struck me about Finland was their use of second hand shops; I found out from my Finnish tutor that they are really big part of the culture here. Almost everything can be recycled and second hand shops are a brilliant way to re-use unwanted items.

There are at least four second hand shops in Rovaniemi and they are really popular. The shops have their own aesthetic, meaning that stuff is placed everywhere in no kind of real logical order, it's pot luck if you will find anything useful but the prices are really cheap (a real positive in such an expensive country). This was an amazing opportunity to start decorating my room; I bought myself some curtains (yes I didn't even have curtains), some art pieces and other homely items like a rug and a duvet, something vital for the coming -30 degree winter.

I really appreciate these shops, a part of me becoming comfortable with living in a different country for the first time, I knew it was important to make the space my own and begin creating my self-identity here in Finland.