As well as being on Erasmus in Lapland with Lucy and Charlotte, we also have other friends on Erasmus in different countries such as Spain, Sweden, Holland, Germany and Italy. Initially we had planned to visit each other quite often, until we realised how expensive it is to fly from Rovaniemi. On top of it being ridiculously expensive, you can never find direct flights from Rovaniemi and always have to fly to Helsinki first. It makes travelling a lot more difficult that we originally envisioned. Travelling to see our friends in Milan was a no go. However, two of our friends in Milan decided to go to Kraków in Poland for the weekend, we checked flights and it was definitely cheaper than flying to Italy (still expensive). BUT we’d have to catch 3 flights there and back with a 12-hour stop over in Helsinki. Seriously, it is hard to travel to/from Rovaniemi. It’s one of the downfalls of living in the Arctic Circle.

So even with the 6-flights-in-3-days issue we decided we wanted to travel more and see our friends! I also decided to invite my boyfriend back in England to join us as I missed him and we had never done the long distance thing before. We were up early at 3am ready to catch our 5:40am flight to Helsinki, then a 12-hour stop there. We had planned to explore Helsinki while we were there, but we were so drained from being up early and traveling that we ended up sleeping in a vintage café while it was raining profusely outside. Then it was time to catch our second flight to Munich where I was reunited with Lewis (the boyfriend), which was nice. Then the four of us were on our final flight to Kraków. We arrived late but it was great to have a quick catch up with Danny and Liam in our charming air bnb. We soon went to sleep as we were up early the next day.

The first day of our weekend we had booked a trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp followed by Schindler’s factory museum. It was a hard day and I’m not sure what to say about it other than that I’m glad I went and educated myself more. That evening we went out for food and us Lapland lot were DELIGHTED with how cheap and tasty the food was. It’s the small things we appreciate now since living in Finland. We had a few cocktails and went into the town to check out the bars and clubs, it was a funny night and it was really good to spend some time with our familiar friends.

Our last day (why did the weekend go so fast) was spent in the city center, enjoying all that it had to offer, like the tasty pancakes and gorgeous architecture. We visited a couple of cathedrals and churches and did some exploring and shopping. It was a pleasant day with strange weather, one minute it was sunny and warm, the next it began snowing. I guess it followed us from Lapland. In the evening we had a lovely last meal and had a few drinks in an old bar that was only lit by candlelight, it was cool. I really wish we could have stayed longer, but even with the 6-flights-in-3-days scenario it was still worth it. It was bittersweet seeing Lewis as well as I knew I wouldn’t see him again until I was home for Christmas.

I’d definitely like to visit Kraków again. Piss & love from Poland x