The morning light lit up my curtains and stirred me awake. I heard some fumbling in the kitchen – presumably Charlotte. Then it hit me, the white curtains, the noise of our balcony door opening… IT MUST HAVE SNOWED. I jumped out of bed and pulled my curtains open and was faced with a white blanket of snow that covered everything! I ran to the balcony to meet with Charlotte who was just as excited as I was. In the five minutes that followed we had grabbed our cameras, thrown on our snow boots for the first time and our down coats, and we were outside our Kuntotie block ready to take in the first snowfall (yes we were still in our pj’s). There were other excited Kuntotie residents outside taking photos and walks in the snow. The sky was bright blue and sunny, everyone was just so happy to be experiencing it.

We couldn’t believe the first snow arrived in October but I had been waiting for this day all month. The first snow is even marked as one of the seasons in Rovaniemi – arriving between the 15th of October to the 15th of November and it marks the beginning of the long winter ahead. I found this day magical and poignant and I was so glad I didn’t miss it!