Katie Bywater is a photographic artist who mainly works and
experiments with film. Based in Coventry, UK. Her images are
a way to communicate how she interprets the world around her,
focusing on the beautiful details of everyday life, as well as
exploring self-identity and the relationships she has in her life. 
While her images emulate a documentary approach, there are
a lot of creative choices that make them into fine-art, personal


Collective Continued, 2017
Phonar, 2017
Nghtstyl Magazine, 2017
Covwords, 2017
Indefoto Exhibition, 2017
Boxed Art Coventry, 2018
Revelation Exhibition, 2018
X/Change/Rate Exhibition, 2018
Ephemeral Exhibition, 2018

Rouse Magazine, 2016
PicBod Exhibition, 2016
Native Coventry, 2016
Scumbag Camera Club, 2016
Gold Blood Zine, 2017
Pellicola Magazine, 2017
Affinity Exhibition, 2017
Native Coventry, 2017